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Serai Tent

Serving East Anglia & Beyond

Welcome to Serai Tent

Serai Tent is a Luxury Events Marquee for Hire in East Anglia & beyond. With a stunning English oak structure and charming aesthetic, this beautiful events space was hand built in Norfolk by the Father & Daughter team of Steve and Alice Highton.


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With a spacious internal diameter and a dynamic cover system that allows for multiple combinations of entrances and openings, this yurt style flexibility allows Serai tent to be used for all occasions.


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Offering a beautiful setting for your guest to enjoy, the space fits wonderfully within a range of outdoor settings. With vaulting wooden beams and warm festoon lighting overhead, Serai Tent is here to provide a wonderful atmosphere for all types of events. 


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Serai Tent is available for hire across East Anglia, UK - and beyond. If you think we would make the perfect centrepiece for your next event or special occasion, we would love to hear from you.


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